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The iSpindler what is it


( screenshot from Brewfather application )

The iSpindler is a hydrometer (densimeter) and wireless electronic thermometer allowing to follow the evolution of the density and the temperature during your fermentation of beer, wine, or any other fermentable nectar.

Avoids wasting your precious beverage following multiple density measurements to know the progress of fermentation.

At the same time thus avoids the risk of infection by the fermenter valve following the repeated opening / closing of the latter,

which are no longer essential with the iSpindler.


It is necessary to have a wifi network (internet box type) near the iSpindler so that it can connect to it in order to transmit data. Because the iSpindler needs to be connected to a network using a TCP server, otherwise the data cannot be transmitted to your terminal.


The data can be viewed at any time even without being at home or near the iSpindler. You can consult them from your workplace, your vacation spot, being on the other side of the world, or any other place, as long as the internet connection to which the iSpindler is connected is active, as well as that on the terminal from which you wish to consult the data.


The data is exploitable through applications such as:

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

. Brewfather (recommended)

. Little Bock * (recommended)

. Ubidots

. Blynk

. Brew Spy

. ...


The iSpindler can be used in a plastic type bucket or in a stainless steel tank.

Be careful, however, to the addition of constraints that can influence the power of the signal.

Example: stainless steel fermenter + refrigerator + walls + distance from your wifi network. In this case you may need

provide a wifi repeater for your configuration so that you can receive the data transmitted by the iSpindler.


The autonomy of the iSpindler can extend beyond 3 months (depending on the frequency of the data synchronization,

indeed it is configurable).

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. take care not to modify or delete the line of code (formula) located in the “polynominal” part at the bottom of the page

configuration of the iSpindler.

. nor to carry out a calibration via the “maintenance” part, it has already been carried out.

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Otherwise iSpindler Brewing Tool cannot be held responsible for the incorrect or non-functioning of the appliance.

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. the iSpindler is not intended to replace the density measurements with a plunging density meter at the start and end of fermentation . This is why it is possible that a difference of a few density points may be observed between the density reading indicated by the iSpindler and a measurement carried out with a dipping density meter. This is completely normal and does not indicate a malfunction of the device. The density displayed by the iSpindler is purely indicative and not contractual.

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

* in the parameters of the Little Bock site please indicate the Plato unit to have the display in SG (

(subject to modification by the Little Bock site)

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