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Good to know

Commands :

When paying via Paypal, it may be displayed 30 € shipping costs. Don't worry, this is only a pre-authorization, continue the procedure, on the next page the shipping costs will be adjusted automatically before validation of the payment.

Personal data and confidentiality :

Your personal data is strictly private. only you and iSpindler Brewing Tool know them. They are neither sold, nor exchanged, nor exploited, nor I don't know what else in any way whatsoever.

Payment :

In no way whatsoever iSpindler Brewing Tool has possession, viewing or knowledge of your banking data.
When you click on "payment" you automatically switch to the STRIPE payment platform. This connection is secured with SSL type encryption.
Regarding payments by PAYPAL, the way when you click on "PAYPAL" you automatically switch to the PAYPAL platform. Also iSpindler Brewing Tool is in no way aware of or in possession of your login credentials to your PAYPAL account.
From the moment you click on "payment" or "PAYPAL" it becomes a matter between you and STRIPE or PAYPAL!
iSpindler Brewing Tool does not intervene in any way in the transaction.

Little Bock :

For people using the iSpindler with the "Little Bock" site, remember that when setting up in the Little Bock site, you must indicate the "Plato" unit to have the display in "SG" ( .
If you don't do this you will get a value that looks like this, which will be in degrees Plato.
(subject to modification by the Little Bock website)

Technics :

. The battery has an operating range of 2.75V (0%) > 4.25V (100%)

. With data sync at 900s (15mn) continuous battery operation time is estimated at approximately 2 months.

. Red led charging > blue led charged

.If you replace the battery and it is not exactly the same weight as the original one, you will have to redo the calibration because it will no longer match.

. No need to overtighten the cap at the risk of splitting it. Tighten it as you would a bottle of fruit juice, milk,...
Make sure it is well put on. Sometimes it can be badly positioned (slightly askew) without you necessarily realizing it. You risk seeping inside the device with or without damage.

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